Day 2 January 2nd 2011

  This is a drawing I just completed from the SKETCHBOOK PROJECT I am participating in along with 28834 other Artists around the globe! 

   The theme I chose for my sketchbook, is "If You Were Here" and it is basically filled so far with sketches of scenes from my life working with flowers, living with animals and doodling. The deadline is FAST approaching: post mark has to be 1/15  and I have not filled the book yet! So, here I combine two challenges: the "Cat a day" & another page in the sketch book. Now, off I go to work, to earn some bread and art supply $. 
Til tomorrow.
Artfully Yours,

1 comment:

  1. Lovely...and I love the cat. Your sketchbook must be fabulous!

    Sadly, I am not able to send in my sketchbook -- it was lost for a long time and then I found it last week and there is NO way I can fill it in a way that I would be happy to send out. Maybe next year.


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