Drawing Table be Framed.

A link past to a previous career in Picture Framing. Comes in mighty handy when I have to frame up a piece or two.

Came across a mens hanky, I painted for my Dad ages ago. I needed a soft cloth to wipe a piece of STATIC plexiglass and out of nowhere, there it was: Thanks, Poppi.


March 7

I should have known, with a morning like this....something was different about today.

Took care of business, then went to the San Pedro Art Walk, held the FIRST THURSDAY of every month. Local Artists open their studios to the public and musicians are in the streets, and Gourmet Food Trucks present their goodies.

At  Lazy Dog Gallery,  We met the owner and Artist, who poured wine, answered questions and made us feel at home. Here is the artwork of his featured Artist this month.

We met JJ, a gracious Artist who showed us his newly acquired studio space. His large abstract painting were rich in texture and color. His generous spirit and attitude about Art and Artists was a pleasure to discover.

We agreed on Cats, Cheese and Art~

Drawing table waits...inspiration gathering tonight.


March 6th

Dear County Water Truck that has been parked in front of my house for the past week, preventing us from parking or putting our trash cans out......I despise you.


March 5

Lonely drawing table tonight.

I got hit with a nasty stomach drawing tonight.

My new bff porcelana


March 4th

I felt like a fairy needed to be created. Line sketch:

And here she is: