While my printer is broken. THE DELL PRINTER, btw

Let me highlight my favorite Collage Artist, with a wickedly funny sense of humor: DADADREAMS.

She has an Etsy Store here where you will find amazing art and wearable collage pieces!
Check it out. Cat tastic!

Another random cat pic...

While I wait to collect the moola for a new printer. >^%^<

Studio Life with a purrrrrfect critic.


In the meantime...

Here are some kitty pics to look at from my files.

CAT astrophe

My Dell All in One printer, has gone Kaputz and Kablam.
I am unable to scan. DELL has been no help, since the warranty expired this month, ironically the SAME time that the printer/scanner stopped working, and to extend the warranty costs MORE than the printer itself did.
Daily kitty sketches are piling up, until I can replace the printer. ($)>_< THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! >^^<