Day 153

                                                                                Cat Buns!


JUNE 1st 2011!

Day 152  

How can it be June already? The sixth month of the year! Summer time! School almost over? Time for leisure days of reading  at the beach or while sunning  in a lounge chair in the garden .....Sigh.

(In honor of this being the sixth month of the year, here is another teeny tiny book mark contest. The sixth person to leave a comment, will win this cat book mark. Still haven't decided which color ribbon to tie, you will have to wait in suspense to find out.)

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Day 140

Day 141

(Line cat/shaded cat)

Day 142

Day 143

Day 144

Day 145

Day 146


Day 147

G I N G E R !

Day 148

"Ben and Bounty" or "If you come over, prepare to be a cat cushion"

Day 149

Day 150

Day 151