DAY 15!

There was a time when my baby boy was as big as my Cat Arabella! Happy Birthday, Monkey.


DAY 14

This is Phoenix.
First thing I saw this morning...opened my eyes to see THIS glaring at me. (He was making muffins, it wasn't as ominous as it looks)  The Sketch was drawn, while sitting in a sun spot today, on the couch with a cat...or two.


Day 13

We have a winner from yesterday's teeny tiny print give away: Took Gallagher (Art O Mat Artist Extraordinaire) takes home the "Kitty Belly Book Mark"! ( )

Here is today's CAT.
Graphite sketch.


Day Twelve

Kitty Belly

“I really am a cat transformed into a woman.” – Brigitte Bardot

The first person to comment on this post will be sent this nifty "Kitty Belly Bookmark". 


One One One One One

DAY 11! 01/11/11

Seeing all those ones just makes me think of Binary codes, patterns of two...the Binars.

So, here is a feline face off.
This actually is the middle spread for the Sketch book Project I am working on.
I attached paper, to make these two pages fold outward to reveal the images inside the spread.
And since you might be wondering, I'd best include a picture of what is below. The black cat image opens outward to reveal the angel/cat angels below.

Artfully  Yours,



Cat  & Cordouroy...enjoying a spot of sunshine this afternoon.
And here is an Orange Marmalade Cat to start the week:

Artfully Yours,


Day 9

This is a quick painting of Pearl. 
She was my purebred Ragdoll and mother to most of my cats.
She had the most amazing blue eyes.

Artfully yours,