February 9th

Just in time!
I was busy, listening to the radio, whilin' away the time working in my studio, when it was suddenly almost midnight! Posted this just in time, to make my self imposed daily deadline of MIDNIGHT.
I have been working on the last of the little handmade books. Packing them up with a hand written message, a tiny pen and wrapped in a cool patterned tissue paper. I added a "penny for your thoughts" inside, to go with the "Inside the mind of a girl theme" and also to add weight to this kerplunker.

You can see the stack increasing of closed boxes in the background. These will go in the mail Monday. Whoo hoo!


February 8th

The Drawing Board...

Has a rolling chair, and the chair has a soft cushiony seat, and the seat has a sleeping cat, and the cat is not going to move so shhhhhhhhhhh.  Don't disturb the Princessa~


February 7th

No drawing or painting today, but did get a dose of inspiration.

Went to the San Pedro ART WALK. The local Galleries  had their doors open to allow visitors to  wander in and enjoy the artwork. I collected some business cards from the Galleries that felt like a match, listened to street guitarist, people watched (and people avoided! RUN!) and best of all,
got to try out the Gourmet Food Truck with Ms. L. :
   Brie Melt (on Cranberry Walnut Bread)
Double Cream Brie with Crisp Apples, Toasted Almonds, Fresh Thyme and Wildflower Honey.


Business cards on the ol' drawing table.

Goal: Get into one of these local Galleries.


February 6th

Craving more time to work today, but other duties call.

Painting some decorated papers. These will later be used for wrapping paper, collage and booklets covers. Free form painting is very relaxing and fun!


February 5th

Making ipsy pipsy teeny weeny diaries/booklets to go inside of the mind of the girl boxes.
Almost is the artist bio, the teeny tiny pen and then the cello wrapping.
THEN packaging to mail!


February 3rd

The Flip Side.
Yes, foldable boxes have the "other side". I could let it go untouched, or I could add a little something, something, for when the collector opens it.
I chose the latter, and so, when it is opened they will see purple and my contact info. I enjoy that where ever in the world these boxes end up, the buyer can drop me a note.

NOW, I get to make what goes IN these little boxes..... hehehe