Day 245

Day 245 The cat of the day is SIMON's Cat!

And for a smile and chuckle, please, please CLICK this link:

Simon's Cat!

He is a cat genius; Observant and knows/sketches every tempermental " tail in your face ' quirk of cat ownership. He makes me smile.

Day 244

A very special cat to display (painted on the body cast of the little pregnant belly of a Cat lovin' Mommy to be!)



Days 237.......241

Eep! Been away from my computer, but drawing each day. Here you go:

(School year has started. Taking the little tyke where he needs to go!)

(Supplying the necessary grooming aides.)

This cat would be a Ginger, if he were colored in.

Mama's going to town.

Another Cat Pot in the making.