Day 4 Katara

Today I introduce Katara; one of my youngest Cats. Her coloring is actually pretty rare: a true brown cat: Chocolate brown to be exact.

Katara's mother was a purebred Ragdoll. Her father we don't discuss...

While working on my sketchbook, she came up to me and insisted that it was time for some lovin'. She kept bumping her head against the sketchbook , while purring madly and making sly attempts to climb into my  lap.

So, if you look closely, you will see a sketch of a cat in the notebook next to the determined Katara posing.
Lap was successfully landed after this.

Artfully Yours,


Day 3

Mrrrrrow! Dressing up Cats is one of my favorite things...morph them into Cat people: Furry Lady Felines.


Day 2 January 2nd 2011

  This is a drawing I just completed from the SKETCHBOOK PROJECT I am participating in along with 28834 other Artists around the globe! http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject 

   The theme I chose for my sketchbook, is "If You Were Here" and it is basically filled so far with sketches of scenes from my life working with flowers, living with animals and doodling. The deadline is FAST approaching: post mark has to be 1/15  and I have not filled the book yet! So, here I combine two challenges: the "Cat a day" & another page in the sketch book. Now, off I go to work, to earn some bread and art supply $. 
Til tomorrow.
Artfully Yours,