February 16th

Another night, with a clean slate waiting.......

But me doing something else!


February 14th

It is Valentine's Day.
I love my job,but after a 12 + hour day, no drawing tonight!

A messy, unattended drawing table.


February 13

 Dream desks.....Writing desks...pondering, daydreaming, penning thought filled letters...

Someday, instead of:


February 12th

 Happy Mardi Gras! 

My nifty little paper cutter. Perfect for precisely cutting small pieces of watercolor paper, to ACEO size.

 She is AGAIN asleep on my chair. She sees me looking at her, and seemed to hunker down deeper into the seat. (You AREN'T moving me)

All is forgiven.
Note the claws still holding onto the fabric of the seat!


February 11th


Clean desk top/drawing table for next project.

Chair is still taken over by the Princess

Arguing with the paparazzi

Painting a Clay Pot while I ponder next project.


February 10th

Every room needs a box.

The tiny pens I tucked inside the boxes.
I was hoping to find vintage Lindy pens, but no luck.

 Here's looking at you!

Boxed up!
Ready to send!

Next? I'm thinking ACEO's.