February 23rd

Happy Saturday. Revisited the Folk Tree Gallery today with L. Happy to see that I sold a couple items. The show ends next weekend, so this was a final chance to see the artwork on display and for sale.
Lots to see and do in Pasadena. Special time was had at Bar Celona; a Tapas Bar on Colorado Bl.
Beautiful display of food.
Drawing time now


February 22

From the Drawing Board to the Bread Board.

Color, painting, shaping, rolling, building....all the creative elements of sculpture, clay, color blending and placement, with a touch of whimsy, found in tonight's edible project.

 A Pool Table!

I see future shaping in this FONDANT recipe.
The possibilities.....


February 21st

You leave the room for ONE minute....marauding varmints.

Ok, beside the obvious flying fur and hogging any available flat work surface, this is another drawback to having an animal friendly household. Purring up against a random object, can cause tipping!
Note to self: TIGHTEN the lids on containers, even if only stepping away.


February 20th

After a chilly night, some glorious sunshine fills my window.

I am not the only one who enjoys the warmth of the sun.


February 19th

Listening to KJZZ. Dinah Washington; What a difference a day makes!

Here is a shot from last nights black out. Candle light and Crazy 8's with #1. Even got the Scrabble board out.

Tonight working on a small cat and an Island Girl.

AND it is raining outside, so the room is chilly and the sound of the rain outside is peaceful. Time to hibernate.


February 18th

ACEO making mood.
Playing with another cat idea.
Mid way through painting tonight, the lights/radio went off! Black out!
You don't realize how dark it is at night, til every light in the house goes out.


February 17th

Playing around with markers.
But eventually led back into paint.
My handy old vintage sharpener.

 Phanta checking out the marker set. She is becoming quite the studio cat. Wanting to hang around when I am in there...and when I am not.
Chair stealer...
 Insists that she is far more interesting than the color markers.

Beginning layers on a little Ginger Cat.