2011 A Cat A Day

Hello and welcome to my 2011 Adventure.
I am going to create  A CAT A DAY!

I decided to bring in  the New Year with this challenge because I believe we need to draw everyday. The demands of our every day life & work can steal away our energy and time, and suddenly days-weeks-months can slip by, and we have not done the very thing we enjoy: CREATE . This challenge will give me the reason, to get myself creating everyday! Saying it outloud, so to speak.
I believe we should draw what makes us happy: what we love. For me, it's CATS! 
In the upcoming days I will use paint, pencil, ink, clay, food, sand, photographs, assemblage, collage, paper, fabric, yarn, glue, wood, feathers, leather...and anything else that catches my fancy to make some felines appear.

I look forward to hearing your comments, requests or suggestions. I will definitely appreciate your words of support and the year progresses! 
So, my friends, here we go. A Cat A Day. Number one:

Artfully Yours,


  1. I love this -- so funny!

    And I love, love, L-O-V-E your "Cataday" idea! I look forward to seeing each post.


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