February 2

Ground Hog Day~ but I always think of today as being my Uncle's Birthday. Love you U. Mike!

Here is the progress on the Art O Mat Boxes so far. AND a painted clay pot or two.



February First!

( I am a Great Auntie! Welcome to the world Baby G. Love to you and your Mommy and Daddy)

Today making progress on this new series for Art O Mats.



January 31

Experimenting with a new paint, that can be applied to glass/metal/ceramics.
A bit tricky to work with: so thin. Must apply in layers and difficult to reapply/blend.
BUT looks nifty when done.
Items bake in the oven, then are permanent.

Finch S&P are part of a Bday present for the Finch Mum.

(a bit belated now, hm)



January 28th

The photo above shows the unfolded box with the design painted on it. That one is my master copy. I shall now put THAT design on these 25 white, smooth, unfolded, unpainted boxes.
On your mark, get set....


January 27

Today I kept working on the clay pots, and then, brought out the die cut forms for the next ART O MAT series. This is a new one, so I am excited to get them started.

Tomorrow you will see the first painted ones.