January 19th

Working on some Art Cards. It has been awhile. These will go into my Etsy shop.

Art Cards, by the way, are small works the size of traditional collectible cards; like base ball cards. Two and a half inches by three and a half inches.

One of my favorite subjects: cats. Meanwhile wooden blocks are laid out, waiting for the next layer of detail. Also rejuvenated my paints today with extender. Drying time on Acrylics is a blessing and a hindrance....


January 18th

What better way could there be to spend a Friday night? Paint and Purrs*

* Notice me!


January 17th

One of the things that amuses me, is the constant shadowing of my dog. It led to putting a little doggie bed on the floor next to the drawing table.
She will leap up and follow me to get a refill on water/tea/coffee or to go down the hall to check the computer or to cross the room to get something from a drawer! Constant shadow puppet.


January 16th

Starting a batch of Art O Mat blocks. This series is being done on wooden blocks. The image is of a Victorian Era woman on one side, and  a feather image on the other.
She has a feather in her hair. which ties the two images together.

I am painting with Acrylics. I paint a few at a time, in order to finish a small batch that can be mailed asap.

The block on the bottom row, is my "Master Copy".  A replica of the original sample I submitted to Clark W. at Art O Mat, that was approved. Each of the future blocks I make for this particular series, must, more or less, look like the original idea.


January 13

Miss the trash can much? Ok, this is the whirlwind of debris after getting 20 pieces ready to submit to the Folk Tree's Hearts and Flowers Exhibit. Tomorrow is a much needed "Clean the Studio" day.

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